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    Material Supply, Furniture, Lighting, Home Accessories, Sanitaryware, Pumps. Kitchens, Stones, Marble, Ceramic, Generators, Wallpaper and Different types of MEP products
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CREDO Trading as a subsidiary of Dishley Holding has proved itself as a trusted trading company, managed by a professional operations team, supplying products and services of the highest quality, and adhering to project deadlines.

Our diverse portfolio includes sectors such as Lighting, Furniture, Home Accessories, Sanitary wares, Pumps, Kitchens, Stones, Marble, Ceramic, and Generators.

At Credo Trading, we pride ourselves as trusted partners with some of the well-known manufacturers from around the globe. As an innovative partner, other than supplying high-quality products and services, we also offer continued support to our customers fostering long-term business relationships.